The Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program is the so-called Swiss Fund, whose task is non-returnable foreign aid granted to Poland by Switzerland as part of Swiss aid. The aid covered 10 Member States of the European Union that acceded to it on May 1, 2004. For Poland, almost half of the funds were allocated, ie approximately CHF 489 million out of over 1 billion Swiss francs. In 2010. Romania and Bulgaria also joined the Program.

The aim of the contribution of the Swiss Confederation is to reduce economic and social disparities in the enlarged European Union.

The aim of the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program is therefore to blur the social and economic differences between Poland and the more developed EU countries, as well as the differences between areas in Poland. The fund's beneficiaries are public and private sector institutions as well as non-governmental organizations. The distribution of funds in Poland is of geographical importance - 40% of funds are allocated to four voivodships: Lubelskie, Małopolskie, Podkarpackie and Świętokrzyskie.
Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program:


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), i.e. corporate social responsibility is the management of the enterprise with a conscious consideration of the needs and requirements of the broadly understood social interest. This method of management is based on sustainable action oriented not only on economic aspects, but also on society and the natural environment.

CSR is a synonym of responsible and ethical business, where the strategic management process aims to gain the trust of the company's environment and draws attention to the needs of its stakeholders, i.e. employees, business partners and customers. An important aspect is to improve and improve these relations, which is possible thanks to pro-social and pro-ecological activities that are carried out on a par with the main activity of the organization / enterprise. Such action is not one-time decisions, but long-term processes of conscious action.

Many companies fit into the concept of CSR tasks, but they are not always aware of their implementation and the results achieved.


The company "PERFECTDOOR" Sp. z o. o. implements a project from the CSR Action co-financed by the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program.

Project title: "Implementation of solutions in the field of corporate social responsibility in" PERFECTDOOR "Sp. z o. o. "
The scope and purpose of the project: The aim of the project is to increase the interest in building a socially responsible business model in the field of CSR
Application number: 00289-10 / 13-SPPW / 2
Project implementation schedule: 01.05.2014 – 31.12.2014
Co-financing value in CHR: 29 383,07



Recently, this concept, and above all the implementation of its principles, has been gaining more and more enthusiasts. The concept of CSR is becoming a more and more frequent topic of social debates, as its mutual benefits have been noticed.

On November 1, 2010, the international standard ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility was published, which is currently considered one of the most known and respected ISO standards. Its wide application is in organizations - public, private and non-profit - regardless of their size or location, operating in developed and developing countries.



As part of the project implemented by the company, "Implementation of corporate social responsibility solutions in" PERFECTDOOR "Sp. z o. o. "the following activities were carried out:

Action: Development of a CSR Strategy
The activity included the development of the CSR Strategy document which concerns 3 areas of CSR. The goal was to build a sustainable business development strategy for PERFECTDOOR Sp. z o. o. based on CSR standards, in order to build mutual trust and transparency, both in relations with the external environment and the internal environment of the organization, create a coherent vision and development concept taking into account social aspects, improve the company as an organization, raise standards in relations with surroundings. The result of developing a coherent CSR strategy is also the systematization of activities undertaken within CSR.

Action: Organizational audit along with the development of a program for the development of employee competences
The aim of the action is to develop the professional competences of employees, to develop the rules of two-way communication with employees using CSR tools, to develop rules for the implementation of flexible working time, organize internal monitoring, career paths, training programs, efficiency optimization, division of tasks, optimization of the company's structure, development of flexible implementation rules working time and telework.

Action: Replacement of lighting sources with energy-saving ones.
The purpose of replacing lighting with energy-saving ones is to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce energy costs, and use products that minimize the negative impact of activities on the natural environment. This action will reduce the operating costs of the plant. LED lamps help to take care of ecology. Due to the possibility of recycling, used light bulbs do not pollute our environment.

Action: Audit the customer service system
The assumption of the audit is to introduce changes at every stage of the product life, i.e. in the entire supply chain, from customer acquisition, through the order, order fulfillment, cooperation with external partners, mutual business settlements, completion of the order and establishing permanent cooperation. The action was to cover all business processes carried out in cooperation with clients and contractors, including establishing the principles and channels of two-way communication. The main goal is to create and implement a customer service quality standard based on an external audit.

Action: Information subpage on CSR
The aim of the activity is to conduct social communication activities within the project in order to raise awareness outside the company about the strategy and goals in the field of CSR.

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