Internal plate doors from the manufacturer

Plate doors

Plate doors are models with a specific structure that affects not only the appearance of the leaves, but also their functionality. This type of door leaves consists of a rail and stile set made of MDF board and a honeycomb filling topped with HDF boards on both sides of the door. Thanks to the fact that the stile set is invisible, the whole gives a uniform and aesthetic effect. The filling used has stiffening and sound-absorbing functions, thanks to which internal plate doors are perfect for apartments and single-family houses



A stile made of MDF board covered with two HDF boards covered with decorative material

Soft technology

Invisible joining of decorative materials


Milk DECORMAT glass, 4 mm thick, finished with a glazing frame


Elements covered with ecological and innovative decorative materials


Two screw-in bearing hinges / silver zinc


Lock in PK / WC / ZO / WB version, spacing 72/50 silver galvanized

Plate doors from Perfect Door

Our offer includes board interior doors that differ in color, design, type of filling and other details. We offer, among others:

  • DEVON panel doors with a stabilizing honeycomb paper filling,
  • DORO board doors in solid version or with sleeves,
  • Preston Plus panel door with DECORMAT frosted glass, 4mm thick,
  • LAGO panel doors covered with decorative material.

We focus on a wide selection of products that each customer can adjust to their needs. That is why board doors offered by the Perfect Door manufacturer are available in various widths (60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm), in a set with a lock, spacing and bearing hinges. We prepare on request plate doors in a double-leaf, wall-mounted or hidden in the wall system. You can also decide on the type of door frame - adjustable, fixed, adjustable non-rebated or overlay. 

Why is it worth choosing internal board doors?

Are you wondering what is the difference between panel doors and frame doors? The former have a characteristic structure, which is made up of rigid boards attached to the rail and stile set. Frame doors, on the other hand, consist of a structural skeleton with a visible frame. In such a frame there are usually various types of fillings, e.g. glass elements, coffers or panels. In the case of slab doors, a stabilizing filling is placed between the slabs. Internal plate doors can, however, have glazing or be uniform and smooth - you can adjust the model to your preferences. 

Interested in this product category? See below how the construction of plate doors looks like, and also get to know the models of internal panel doors available in our assortment. As valued door manufacturer we offer a wide range of products, among which each customer will find an interesting proposal for himself. 

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