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Perfectdoor Sp. z o.o. is one of the fastest growing companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to its years-long tradition and continuous investment in new technologies, the company has managed to develop a stable position in the internal door and door market.

The company is expanding its offer by constantly expanding its product, pattern and color portfolio. Recent years have brought a number of investments in a modern machinery park to increase the volume of modular, lacquered, edged and investment doors, as well as frames and skirting boards.

In addition to classic door models, PerfectDoor has a wide range of modern designs. The company is constantly expanding its offer, investing in modern technologies, staff and the quality of its products.

Our values

Our mission is to deliver on the market door joinery products products characterized by exceptional durability and attractive design at an affordable price while increasing the number of satisfied customers and employees of the company.

Our vision is to strike a balance between product sales growth, customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of employees where we see the potential of the company. Together with customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, we make a profit that can finance the development of our company and ensure that financial independence is maintained. This creates new jobs and invests in modern technologies for the production of our products.

  1. Ensuring a stable position on the domestic market of internal doors and frames by providing top quality products and services
  2. Systematic development and improvement of technological processes
  3. Development of the product pattern and color offer
  4. Improving the skills and knowledge of employees
  5. Improving your company's management system
  6. Creating beneficial relationships with stakeholders

The means to achieve the objectives set is, according to us, the implementation of various projects in all levels of the company's activities. Purchases of innovative machinery and equipment for production, new storage systems, modern software and ongoing efforts to acquire and improve qualifications by our employees are being implemented. Using a grant from the National Training Fund, in cooperation with the District Labour Office, we gave employees m.in. the possibility to participate in a course aimed at preparing future operators of carriagetrucks and obtaining the required powers. With the participation of funds from KFS, we also conducted kaizen and lean management training, which provide us with professional management of production. In addition, we are the beneficiary of EU funds that have been used in successful projects. Our experience in projects opens the way for further, fearless challenges for us.

Top products

Plate DoorsM
odular DoorsA
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RInvestment doors

Meet us better

Automatyzacja produkcji
Automatyzacja produkcji
Automation of production allows to reduce human physical work and to achieve harmony between efficiency and the standard of work we offer. Automation also gives us the quality of the products offered and reduces customers' waiting times to order.
Wizyta studentów
Wizyta studentów Politechniki Świętokrzyskiej
Our factory had the opportunity to meet students of świętokrzyska University of Technology in Kielce. From the lining, they were presented with the manufacturing process of the products offered by us, and our crew answered all questions while informing about the possibilities and offer to hire students of our company as part of internships or internships Student. More on this subject can be found here http://tu.kielce.pl/drzwi-do-k
Badanie i rozwój
Badanie i rozwój
ariery/Posiadamy appropriate organizational structures to carry out activities in the development of our products. R&D continuously works and expands the scope of research on the implementation of new, innovative products and technologies. Prototypes are being developed that is subject to thorough endurance tests.

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